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As BEMLab is an open source software, everyone can modernize and improve it. Any help is appreciated. The following areas have been seperated to make development easier:

  • Testing, testing and once again testing. Please attach examples, and preferably patches.
  • Patch submission
  • Designing
  • Feature requests
  • Documentation requests
  • Documentation content submission

Version Control System

Among others SVN (Subversion) have been chosen.

WebSVN (Web interface to SVN) of the BEMLAB code is available here: websvn.

Instructions for checking out the SVN repository of BEMLAB project are included in Downloads section.

SVN clients are available on majority of operating systems and platforms. More information about Subversion (SVN) are available at projects homepage


API documentation for the BEMLAB library (lib) has been created using Doxygen.

Doxygen documentation is available here: doxygen.