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Supplement web page includes additional information and software which are not connected with BEMLAB software, but may be useful.


Thesis Template

The Latex thesis template is available at:

The newest template files customized for the following languages are:

It can be used for the Masters of Science (MSc) thesis as well as for Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) thesis.

To build PDF document from thesis Latex source code you can simply run:

% cd thesis_en
% make thesis

or run the following sequence of commands:

% cd thesis_en
% pdflatex thesis.tex
% bibtex thesis1 && sed -e 's/{\\natexlab{.}}//' -e 's/, \././' -i thesis1.bbl
% bibtex thesis2 && sed -e 's/{\\natexlab{.}}//' -e 's/, \././' -i thesis2.bbl
% makeindex thesis.idx
% pdflatex thesis.tex
% pdflatex thesis.tex

and then you can open PDF document using eg.:

% acroread thesis.pdf

Poster Template

The Latex poster template based on beamer package will be available here.